People all over the world are hereby welcomed to participate in Summer of Cards 2013 – the first ever real life gathering of the dev. team and all those of you that want to get aboard and contribute to the worlds first truly pro libre customizable card game, our dear WTactics. 1:st to 28:th of July 2013 is when this is going down in Malmö, Sweden, so do some reading in here and scribble us a mail already so we can start planning for wicked goodness. You come and stay as you may.


Everyone that’s participating will be doing so with pre-determined goals and a clear roadmap of what is to be expected of the SoC as well as other participants. The general goals and roadmap for every individual are to be determined in advance by the person him/herself after consulting with snowdrop. The idea is to have fun, get to know other people, and to do what you love doing, while at the same time advancing the project somehow towards the goals outlined in the General Design Document.

  • up to 3 weeks free housing for up to 3+1 persons
  • 8h work/day, rest is private time
  • a great opportunity to become nerdier
  • plenty of other board/computergaming, throwing hoops and chilling in parks
  • …and of course the fabulous Swedish summer.


Any adult that wants to develop the game or a related project somehow, knows adequate English, agrees with the the General Design Document, can show valid identity papers, is prepared to do his/her end during the SoC, brings own necessary gear* and can do a voice interview is welcome to apply. Rule devs, coders and illustrators are extra welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or are already in the team – all are equally welcome. It’s also not necessary to use our place or housing to be part of the SoC.

Malmö is Swedens third largest city with a population of a quarter million and also the regional capital. It’s located in the most southern of Sweden at the west coast, only a 30 minutes journey by train away from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and also very close to Germany and Poland.

The city has whatever you would expect from an average normal-sized town and a huge diversity of people if you ever manage to get in touch with any as the Swedish social climate isn’t on par with, say, the continental. Size of the city makes it perfectly possible to get from anywhere to anywhere by foot or bicycle within 15 – 30 min.

Those that are accepted as participants may if they so desire stay for free during the SoC at snowdrops place. There is room for about four people living there at the same time. It’s a 56m2 apartment and some of the details can be seen below (although the furniture and cow-corpse has been swapped out since pics were from how it used to look when previous owner lived there).

There’s free access to a small balcony, kitchen, 10 mb wifi, no quota internet, 50″ tv, boxee, sofa and whatever is in the apartment and not personal. There’s one super comfy guestbed, a comfy sofa for another, and less luxurious sleeping solutions for the rest. Laundry can also be done for free once a week in same building, and needless to say there’s a shower and a fresh toilet available for those special moments.

There are two-three tables, a larger floor area, and nice zone just outside of the apartment as well. There’s a couple of mini-marts very close by and the apartment is 15 – 20 minutes of walking distance from the city center.

  • apartment layout
  • living room v.1
  • bedroom v.1
  • living/dining room v.1.
  • dining/living room v.2
  • dining room / balcony v.2.

Elvish Rules

If you’re the guest of snowdrops and use the free housing that is offered then the following goes without say or compromise:

  • Have fun, stay relaxed, bring a friendly attitude…
  • One social event per day like board/cardgaming, computergaming, basketball or exploring city
  • Perhaps co-cooking/shopping with others to save cash
  • Respecting each other and also the need for sleep and relaxation as well as private time
  • Stay as long as you contribute up to 3 weeks if there isn’t a queue for housing.
  • Pay/replace what you break or damage.
  • No smoking inside or at balcony.
  • No strange smells like sweat, farts, super-manly cheap cologne et all. You smell fresh or nothing, same for other reeking sources.
  • Nothing that comes from animals in any shape or form in fridge, freezer, on plates, in oven and so on. This includes but is not limited to meat, dairy products, menstruation from hen (eggs) and whatnot.
  • No sex, real drugs or violence in apartment during SoC.
  • No deafening sounds all day long from you or your gear.
Example of what stuff in Sweden costs, in Euro, and average prices without discounts et.c:

  • Loaf of bread, 3 €
  • Peppers, 1kg, 4,2 €
  • Can of soda, 33 cl, 1,2 €
  • Dinner at non-fancy restaurant 8 – 12 €
  • Fast/crap food at burger-place et.c. 2,5 – 7 €
  • Bacaradi, 70 cl, 29 €
  • Beer in bar, 7 €
  • Nightclub entrance fee, 10 €
  • Cab, 7 – 12 €

As for housing: You won’t be charged a cent for staying at the apartment, heat, water or electricity and so, but food, clothing and whatever else you require is something you’ll have to manage yourself and no WT-funding will be directed towards any developers personal needs.

Send an e-mail to snowdrop at wtactics dot org using the subject “SoC 2013″. Also please give us correct info about your…

  • Persona: A detailed presentation of yourself. Mandatory if you are a total newcomer to the project.
  • Role during the SoC and what you want to work with, how, and a roadmap suggestion.
  • Requirements you have due to what gear you will use for work. (Example: “3 power outlets in wall for my laptop, pen & paper, preferably a study table + chair”.)
  • Visit: When and for how long do you want to be staying and also if you want the free housing.
  • Health: Medicines, allergies, something else good to know?
  • Dates and times during weekends we can reach you via VoiP or telephone for a talk.