about the project

SandScape is an online browser based environment where people can play any customizable card games. It’s a complete system to PvP, import cards, manage decks/users and plenty other stuff. We’re the only open source project of this kind.

tech used

  • Open Source
  • Standard Compilant

sandscape features

  • Can run most CCG:s
  • Multiplayer
  • Game Lobby
  • Runs on standard hosts


Several tools are used to make the development process as open as possible. Some are supplied here at WTactics.org while others are external. The following links offer a starting point to all the existing documentation and resources.

  • Home page: Has links to other resources. Our GIT repository is there, making it easy to just clone & try the code.
  • Track system: For bugs, roadmap, tasks and ideas

Personal server used for testing purposes. Runs 24/7, except for any unforeseen downtime. Accounts are usually maintained, allowing all to register & test it. Keep in mind that the server runs the most updated code, with all the new and fresh bugs.

contact us

In our subforum you can ask questions, discuss current development roadmap, suggest features and – most importantly for our development – provide valuable and constructive feedback.

Everyone is always invited to suggest new ideas, improvements and changes to the project, and we’re serious about wanting them. Everything will be considered, but not all suggestion will be accepted. We also encourage you to show us prototypes of your ideas. Sandscape is free software, it has a public master repository to where we push every bit of code which you can easily clone or fork it.

If anything is missing or if you’d like to know about any aspect of the project please take the time to contact knitter at WTactics dot org. We always read & reply.


Lead developer: Knitter

Please notice that additional developers are very wanted and needed – contact us already so we can help each other out with bringing the world some open source goodness on the CCG front.