All material is licensed using open source licenses. Most of the content is licensed using GPL, but there are a few exceptions (i.e. the SIL fonts). Please see the licensing section and README-files for more details on the legal aspects. If you have any questions or doubts please contact us.


While it’s perfectly fine to never tell us what you do with our material we would appreciate it very much if you sent us an e-mail with a link to your project We’d like to list everyone that’s benefiting and are always interested in co-working whenever possible.

The patches on these tabs are loaded into a card game client/server, making the game playable online. They are very early internal releases used by us in third part software in order to playtest the game. We are not associated with the software projects and they needn’t necessarily be libre. Please notice that the content of the game patches is not a complete or balanced game and that it may change very much between updates. Nothing in them should be considered to be a representation of the final product or as intended for the general public. Despite that, and due to our openness, we happily share them.
gCCG is a virtual card table program that is open source and runs on most platforms. We currently only maintain a module for the development of the game called wt in the modules listing (./gccg_package status). You can add us as a source for the module by using ./gccg_package source add The module can then be installed by the command ./gccg_package install wt and then launched by ./wt-dev --server --user yournick

The gCCG module is actively maintained by IsharaComix & snowdrop. We’re currently using it for internal playtesting and it may not be of great use to a person that just wants to play a finished game. It will however eventually run the whole game on our dedicated server ( Read the instructions in the wiki page for more extensive info.

LackeyCCG is a closed source but gratis tool to play card games online with in a decentralized manner. We’re developing an open source and truly cross-platform alternative to it that we call ViCE.

  • You can find the plugin for LackeyCCG here.
  • Notice: This is only valid for the original rules concept dev branch and used only for internal playtesting. It is still not anywhere near a complete patch and does not include all the cards of the final game.

Want our game ported to another card game engine? Help us do that, we’d love to see it happen! Contact us already and we’ll support your effort to the best of our abilities.

More will come as soon as it’s been created and ready for public playtesting. Currently the game is still under heavy development, hence you can’t actually download anything that’s in a playable or finalized state yet.

21, anonymous

10 users/time, 24/7, no write access. We do our best to maintain the FTP-server and it’s content is an rsync from our development from a dev desktop, hence it can take up to a couple of days for the most recent updates to appear on the public FTP.

We recommend that you use an open source FTP-client such as for example Filezilla.


ViCE is an open source framework in development which will ease in the creation of TCG servers and clients. It is inherently more lightweight, flexible, and extensible than complete engines. ViCE will also ship with a command line interface for easy deployment of servers and a Qt frontend which will allow users to play their favourite card games.

WTactics will be used throughout development as a way to gauge ViCE’s flexibility. The framework is still in the very early stages of development, so not much is functional yet. That said, there is plenty of documentation. The lead developer is aspidites, who can be reached on aspidites at wtactics dot org.


Sandscape is our online solution that allows the world to play its favourite customizable card game (CCG) directly in the browser, player vs player. It’s open source, cross platform and generic enough to run almost any game. Sandscape uses open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL and jQuery and is designed to run on standard webhosts. It’s lead developer is Knitter, reachable on knitter at wtactics dot org.


Cardscape is our open source card creation and collaboration system that also doubles as a community browsable card database. By using it you can collaborate with the rest of the world or just chosen individuals to create new cards for your favourite CCG or even create a whole new game. It also supports card translations, wiki like revision with rollbacks, comments, card status changes and much more. The lead developer is ravenchild, that can be reached on ravenchild at wtactics dot org.


If you want to you can fetch our /trunk from Launchpad, that’s using Bazaar. You do that by using the following command in any Linux system:

bzr checkout --lightweight /your/destination/path

Notice that we aren’t actively maintaining it any longer due to bzr having issues with binaries.