A libre card game

We're a community of free culture-loving individuals, creating a free card game. A game that's open, liberated, free & gratis. A game that is fun to play both casually and competitive, and that is a pure joy for your eyes.

Game features

  • Playable online & with real cards
  • Truly free
  • Community driven
  • Open source (GPL)
  • Expandable

How to participate

Get involved! Join us in making of the game. Take a look in our forums/wiki and contact us already! We have come far but need you to wrap this up. There are many tasks and all can participate and help out in several ways. Learn More

Get your portrait done!

Ever wanted to be included in a game and become a fantasy character? Here’s your chance: Our artist will paint your likeness and if you will become a character in the official core set of the game. Become legend or give this away as a gift to make your beloved one immortal, but hurry – we only offer this to a very limited amount of people!

I want!